2006 Miramar Air Show

Parking Lot and Base Access


        Base Access.PDF


Miramar 2006 Parking Pass


  1. Arrive well before 0700 for the AM Shift to avoid crush of incoming visitors
  2. Arrive well before 1200 for the PM Shift to avoid crush of incoming visitors.
  3. Stay in the Left Lane when arriving on Base to bypass visitor traffic
  4. Display Parking Placard on Dash when Parking on Base
  5. Park in Designated Area and Ride RACES/Sheriff’s Van to ARES Comm. Van
  6. Carry Picture ID: i.e. ARES/RACES Badge, Driver’s License, etc
  7. If you cannot contact RACES Van on 147.195, please contact ARES on 146.265 or 449.500 or KY6LA Cell Phone at: 858.229.9360




Communications Plan







Tactical Net - 1


449.500 (-)



Tactical Net - 2


447.800 (-)



Hospital Net





RACES Intercom


147.195 (+)



Packet Net





Backup for 265


146.640 (-)



North County


147.030 (-)









1.                  In the event of an Incident, On Base Operators are to maintain radio discipline and wait for instructions from Net Control. 

2.                  The press can monitor our frequencies so we should minimize non-essential information.

3.                  In the event of an Incident, the call to Standby Call Outs will be:                 

a.       “Go to your Duty Stations and Report when you are Set Up”

4.                  Net Control in ARES Comm. Van will call a period roll call of Standby and Patrol Stations.


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